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AVE Clean is happy to provide you with very interesting rates for work done by specialized professionals dedicated to the cleaning of computers, office equipment and phones.

We ALWAYS request that computers are switched off

Before beginning the maintenance of the machine, we clear all objects and documents in the surroundings (with approval of the user) from the desk and this to avoid tainting them with the products



  • Total dust removal of the screen with a brush
  • Total cleansing of the screen frame (ventilation rabbets-switches-control buttons-base-)
  • Taking out all ink stains &adhesives & replacement of used adhesives with user’s agreement
  • Cleansing of the screen whatever model (tube/LCD/TFT) with a specific product containing antistatic


Computer body

  • The frame will be moved in order to clean the computer body thouroughly and totally
  • Possibility of internal suction upon client request



  • Dust removal in the keyboard by compressed air , eventually key removal in order to access waste such as staples,paper clips,and dust agglomerate.
  • Cleansing and sanitization of the keys and this on all sides of the keyboard
  • Maintenance of the mouse and support
  • Tidying up of the user’s desk/workplace


  • We ask the user if printer can be switched off
  • Clear out printer’s surroundings
  • Removal of printing and paper container
  • Total dusting of printer
  • Opening of printer, dust removal with compressed air
  • Cleansing of rabbets and accessible spots with antistatic product
  • Closing of the cover and full cleansing of all printer’s sides
  • Removal of biro , ink and adhesive stains
  • Cleansing of nonessentials and tidying them up
  • Paper back in place
  • Surrounding items back in place


  • Total cleansing of handset and removal of sebum and other deposits located in the handset cavities with disinfectant
  • Removal of eventual stickers with user’s agreement
  • Total cleansing of phone body and removal of biro , ink traces
  • Disentangling of cord
  • Device back in place


  • Vacuum of racks and internal/external cleaning including top
  • Vacuum of vents
  • Glass door inside/outside cleaning with antistatic foam & removal of biro, ink and adhesive traces
  • Cleaning of various appliance situated on the racks
  • Cleaning of false floor paving with antistatic product
  • Vacuum of false floors

We also take care of the following maintenance: power stations, arbitration rooms,faxes and copying machines

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Le + d’AVE clean : un descriptif complet et détaillé de l’intervention vous est fourni en même temps que l’offre .
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