quote.jpg Since its creation in 2001, AVE CLEAN is faithful to its philosophy :"the Cleaning Boutique"

The quality of our work which has contributed to our reputation and success is essentially due to the quality of the people working for us.

Regular training, true knowledge of the products used, management and supervision by experienced leaders (10 to 15years in the sector) and also the respect of our philosophy, enables us to have a team of people who love their jobs ; we are proud of them.

Our best ambassadors are our customers , they have helped us to evolve, to grow as well as staying very dynamic; we are grateful to them and provide them with a service that remains regular as well as continuous.

When speaking of them, we talk about our partners to whom we offer a service with quality combined to a flexibility of execution.

I decided to call our services "hAVEmore" as we want to offer more improved services to our clients. 

Jean-Pierre Vander Eeckt
Managing Director